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Spirits in Transit: 20 Year Anniversary Intensive and Celebration

December 16, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - December 20, 2021 @ 2:00 pm


Spirits in Transit: 20 Year Anniversary Intensive and Celebration
December 16-20, 2021
“Spirits in Transit”

How in these present times can we keep going deeply with ourselves as well as with our communities? Our ephemeral condition becomes more and more obvious in the face of the extreme circumstances of our times and lives. How do we find integration for the multiple sides of our humanness and make sense, with our bodies, the nature of this planetary life? 

During the last 20 years, we have been cultivating the process of pilgrimage to Tlalpujahua for those drawn to be here. No matter from where in the world or which culture, we come to dance and open to our contradictions, to heal, and to celebrate. Through the practice of body ritual movement, we have been acknowledging the necessity and privilege of the collective calling. This is the way we attempt to increase and weave the power of our individual longings, our sacred petitions to reach higher levels of consciousness and healing-joyful-fulfillment. By activating our different qualities and perceptions, we can refine the sense to be alive and this cosmic evolution process. 

I have been using the term “Spirits in Transit” as a subtle way to define our presence within this planet. In this sense, we are discovering the intuition just to “transit” (expressing – dancing – liberating) using our physical and ethereal qualities. We continue growing, as a metaphor, our plenty-full happy seeds, to witness each other and grow as plants – flowers – fruit and to become nourishment for each other and this earth, and to liberate our ancient memories and to heal old wounds.

It is the right time to keep going. It is so necessary to keep recreating a new evolutionary body language beyond strict forms of representation or styles. We should get into the extraordinary expression to be in service to each other and to make a bridge between cultures and from the unconscious to the conscious–from decadent and oppressive patterns and the domination of our patriarchal heritage, into a deep sense of offering and liberation.

This year we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of dancing and offering in Tlalpujahua. If you feel called, please join us this December to find our ritual togetherness and follow our bodies as humble and precious instruments of expression and healing.

The Intensive will include:
4 days of Intensive Training and Ritual on the land, outdoor stages and the indoor studio of the BRM Center.
Journeying through and connecting to the surrounding land and unique spaces of Tlalpujahua.
A celebratory montage weaving the offerings of international students, mexican students and the community members of Tlalpujahua.
In these 4 days international and Mexican students will have the special opportunity to work and share in this unique cross-cultural setting. We will engage in the intense, joyful and intimate BRM training to cultivate our energetic capacities, expose and transform our own cultural references, and discover the limits of the body as a means to open the door to the immense and subtle realms within us.
Shared housing arranged by BRM, approximately $20/night
Food approximately $5/day
Best to fly into Mexico City on the 15 or early on the 16 and fly out on the 21. (It is also possible to fly into Guadalajara but is not recommended for first time travelers)
$350 – before Oct 15 ($150 Deposit)
$420 – after Oct 15 ($220 Deposit)
For registration, payment, and to confirm your prior experience and intentions with Diego, please email ctmankowski@gmail.com
You will receive additional important details and information after registration.


December 16, 2021 @ 2:00 pm
December 20, 2021 @ 2:00 pm