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Pilgrimage of the Wild Heart: BRM December Intensive/Celebration

December 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - December 22, 2018 @ 1:00 pm

Where do we go to return to our essential side and reflect upon our place in life, in our communities, in our own heart?

Pilgrimage offers a potent metaphor for returning to the origins of our creation and the basic and essential impulse of our own soul. We will use this metaphor to enter a sacred process to reconnect not only to ourselves, but also to each other, and the land in Tlalpujahua that has been holding this work for so many years. Through the processes of BRM, we will dive into our own depths and gather those hidden fruits we find within, and through the collective calling, share and expand the seeds that have been marinating in the ripe pulp of our own being.

Long ago as a child Diego exuberantly petitioned his mother to join the snaking lines of pilgrims to leave a flower at the feet of the Lady of Guadalupe. This potent Mexican symbol of the divine feminine was Diego’s initial departure to continue following a sense of mystery beyond any conventional form.

The invitation is not to follow or align with any particular symbol, but rather through our own creativity and collectiveness, follow and cultivate our own sense of mystery.

What is your flower, what is your altar, and where are you called to follow the path of your own pilgrimage? Where, within or without, does it guide you?

The Intensive will include:
5 days of Intensive Training and Ritual for 8+ hrs/day on the land, outdoor stages and the indoor studio of the BRM Center.
Journeying through and connecting to the surrounding land and unique spaces of Tlalpujahua.
A celebratory montage weaving the offerings of international students, mexican students and the community members of Tlalpujahua.

In these 5 days international and Mexican students will have the special opportunity to work and share in this unique cross-cultural setting. We will engage in the intense, joyful and intimate BRM training to cultivate our energetic capacities, expose and transform our own cultural references, and discover the limits of the body as a means to open the door to the immense and subtle realms within us.


Shared housing arranged by BRM, approximately $14/night
Food approximately $5/day
Best to fly into Mexico City on the 15 or early on the 16 and fly out late on the 22 or the 23 if possible. (It is also possible to fly into Guadalajara but is not recommended for first time travelers)

$385 before October 15
$440 after
For payment and to confirm your prior experience and intentions with Diego, please email butohmexicano@gmail.com

You will receive additional important details and information after registration.


December 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
December 22, 2018 @ 1:00 pm